Below you will find details of the summer course including: Learning outcomes, course overview, and details of the course delivery tools. Also, Live-Chat is usually available via the green icon at the bottom of this site from 8am - 5pm on week days.

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Class Timetable

M - F: 9:00 - 12:00 + homework & assignments.
Where: Xamk Kouvola. Room: 357 (3rd floor, top of stairs in Xamk main building).

5 ECT credits, 135hrs of study (according to 1ECT means 27hrs of study in Finland). Hence, you should plan to study for a full working week at least for the 3 weeks of the course, plus some extra may be required for the assignment completion. We'll start easy.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a broad understanding of RPA and its applications
  • Learn fundamental principles of using RPA through practical examples
  • Build a broad appreciation for the context of RPA
  • Increase awareness of current & emerging trends
  • Learn and apply a Growth Hacking methodology to rapid experimentation and business development
International Summer Term: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Growth Hacking, 5 ECTS cr


1. Overview

  • What is RPA?
  • Common use cases
  • Limitations and risks

2. Applications

Explore and experiment with working examples of how RPA can support the collection of business intelligence, and improve the efficiency of existing work-flows.

3. Growth Hacking and RPA in Entrepreneurship

Expand your reach and automate your networks.

Detailed comparison of existing tools and ecosystems. A developers perspective of RPA, ML, and AI, and the changing shape of business.

This website will host detailed course information and some course materials.
We will not be using Moodle: Instead we will use this site's forum and chat for some activities (so please register and login to both tools). Additionally, some posts on this site use Disqus for comments. (Sorry that you need multiple logins... we should automate that! 🙄)

I look forward to unleashing some bots with you later in this warm Finnish summer.