The bot uprising has begun! No longer content to traverse the internet collecting data for search engines, bots of many new varieties are taking to the servers, PC's, and mobiles. New bots are contributing far more than their forebears. Today's bots are growing more sophisticated and have started a revolution of automation; Robotic Process Automation.

Soon we will meet some of these bots, new and old. We will play with them and learn what they can do.  On the inside, what makes them tick? Are they welcome assistants, or are they frustratingly complex and best left to developers to keep in check? Some play nice and are happy to come to you, others take some coaxing and have very particular requirements. Fortunately many are open-source so we are free to peel back the layers and customize them in many ways.

If you've enrolled in this Summer course with Xamk, please feel free to register in the forum so that you're ready to go when the course starts in July.

The bots and I look forward to meeting you then.

Some of the important features are already working 😉

Have you ever met a Hubot? They're highly customizable, including AI. It would be very hard to tell a well trained Hubot from a real person. What processes automation systems are they part of?