Testing your "like that post" scripts on Facebook. Sending 100k emails. Clicking around your Gmail inbox at 100s of clicks-per-second. These are the kinds of things that get bots into trouble.

So it's great to have open-source tools to practice with that can be set up to be much like the real thing. That way, no-one get's hurt.

RPA Summer will therefore be using some new tools that have been developed exclusively to create realistic datasets, in realistic settings (PDF invoices attached to emails, sent to a real email account) so that plugging in tools like UiPath will work on our test data the same way that the tools need to work in a real setting.

Here are some examples of the fictional invoices generated by our new RPA Sandbox:

Mmmm. Concrete Chips

RPA Testing Sandbox generates 1000s of fictional invoices, emails, and payment records, ready for you to unleash your RPA processing pipeline and compare the results to known baselines.

Nerdeo is the online bank of choice for RPA testing
An inbox full of bills...great